Moreover, also courses of Relations exist Human beings who are excellent tools with cognitivos ingredients, which will allow to change the mental map of the people and will create confidence of the person in proper itself. But, even so still exist employees who have developed some physiological alterations? how terror, chronic headache, sweat exaggerated or stammering? it can be affirmed that the majority still suffers from one badly that old one is our known; that is, the shyness. Some scholars of the human behavior believe that, many times, the shyness of a person is only one ' ' criao' ' of the human thought that finishes affecting its behavior and shaping its attitudes. In this in case that, the person if ' ' v' ' limited and if accepted as such. However, other specialists question: _ Will be that it is only shyness? Or it is fear to express its ideas? Fear to face the reality? Or it will be that the person is perfeccionista? Or it is a question of magnificent? Some can think: _ ' ' I do not go to touch violo in the front of outros' '.

She will be that the person is not demasiadamente proud and hides this pride (this extreme vanity) under ' ' manto' ' of the shyness? some specialists question. Research carried through for the Professor Marins Luis Son (COMMIT? 2002) with psychologists and psychoanalysts they affirm that the shy one must understand that its shyness must be looser, therefore it cannot be something that ' ' grudou' ' in the person forever. If its temperament is more introverted this does not mean that you need to be shy the point to harm it perpetual social and professionally. This form, you it needs to accept that, to be successful in the social world of today, it is necessary to know to become related well, going in the places where the events occur and participating of the social and professional events. The specialists say who the shyness must be won e, being thus, the people would have to start to stimulate its auto-esteem since early, making questions in classroom, ' ' appearing for pessoas' ' ; that is, leaving to be transparent what it really is. Being thus to reach the success the person must make an effort to win its shyness, having conscience of this and discovering if it not ' ' mascara' ' another behavior and, as any another person, it needs to want, to perseverar and to conquer.