STEWART + BROWN, an eco-luxury label from California was already several times here in the GREENshowroom. Out of conviction this label was launched 10 years ago by the founders in the life and is called organic pioneers”. Handmade knitwear and classic American sportswear is one of the product range, which is produced from pure organic cotton or growing raw materials. “Among the exhibitors there were special exotics, such as for example the company ATLANTIC LEATHER, which in addition to different designers with textile fashion from a waste product of fish production Iceland, fish skin, the leather” for the production of their designer shoes and clothing manufactures. A quite unusual idea, which, however, required some time of testing and development to the current level of quality of the offered product. Very unusual, but very commendable! The strongest but attraction with the personal background were the newcomer label RIHGT AS RAIN from Italy.

The Italian designers from the fashion capital of Milan Francesco Mugnaini, and the Scottish organic farmer Sebastian Rundy, presented planted, produced ecologically and sustainably in Italy T-Shirt collection her on the grounds of the organic farmers in the Umbrian soil. The unpredictability of nature was the starting point for the idea: we plant and harvest shirts. Our shirts were exposed to the forces of nature we plant them in the ground and give the necessary time to complete their unpredictable design process nature. The result is astounding and each design is unique”, says Sebastian Rundy. The raw materials, i.e. the stitched T-Shirt organic silk, is buried here in the Umbrian soil over a period of 8-12 weeks subject to the will of nature and so each is individual T-Shirt a distinctive marking is thus also a UNICAT! Umbrian herbal extracts provide a pleasant scent verstromten T-Shirts and enchanted here some one of the visitors. On January 19, there was for invited guests and representatives of the press a salon show, where the latest collections of designer of the GREENshowroom on the catwalk was presented.