Demand for graduates no recession on the labour market the IKOM the career Forum the Technical University of Munich has today its report views students & graduates February 2009 \”published. The IKOM points index, which examines the open spots and ads for graduates, could stop for the time being its downward trend in January. The recession is noticeable while on the labour market for graduates, at the generally positive outlook for nothing is changed however, once\”, so Patrick Hargutt from the IKOM, this will remain so, the situation should stabilise increasingly\”. Significant risks are grounded in the duration of the crisis. Should the recession extending to the year 2010, companies will adapt their long-term base settings drain down. We still assume a robust labour market situation for academics and students.

This seems to us the most likely scenario\”, Philip M. Jacobs, including IKOM market research the situation together. The location of the demand is risky According to economists. The demand has declined steadily in recent months, a turnaround is not in sight. While computer scientists, engineers, have to fight technicians and natural scientists with a slight decrease in the peak demand, demand shrinks after economists on the average level of the last five years. Views IKOM website for free download of full report IKOM views students & graduates February 2008 \”with all graphics and information about the surveys can be found on press.

Numbers to the IKOM points index the IKOM points index quoted currently at 90 index points (previous month: 89, last year 102). After significant losses, but at the same time a very positive development in the first half of 2008 noted the index just below previous year’s level. All indexes are normalized on August 2007. The IKOM TUM job board index stands at 117 points (previous month: 94, last year 85) and is thus a slightly more positive indication.