There are two possible replacement passport of a foreign citizen residing in the territory of the Czech state, without leaving the Czech Republic. For Russian citizens, these capabilities are available at contact the Russian consulate, nationals of other countries, exchange occurs at the consulate of his country, located in the Czech Republic. Two variants of the filing requirements for replacement passports differ only in terms of making a new document, and so on will be described in some cases, how long is the procedure of registration. In case a foreign citizen before moving to the Czech Republic for permanent residence was withdrawn from the account of a fixed place residence, that is written from an apartment or house after arriving in the Czech Republic it is necessary to contact one of the consulate offices located in the Czech Republic, a country whose citizen he is and get on Consular accounting for a new place of residence in the Czech Republic. In this case, if the foreign national is on the consular registration procedure for replacing a passport takes time to 30 days.

The consulate of the country to make a declaration petition for a new passport, the old rent a valid passport and consular fees are paid for the paperwork. After obtaining a new document, a foreigner needs to contact the police for foreign nationals, and to obtain a visa, which would be attached to the new passport. In case a foreign citizen is not removed from the register of permanent residence in his homeland, he also can contact their consulate countries on the replacement passport. In this case the procedure is complicated by the fact that the consulate is required to submit documents at the place of residence of the citizen and the whole application procedure is exactly the place of residence of a citizen to home in the Ministry of Internal Affairs or Local Police Department. The whole procedure from filing documents at the consulate in Prague to get a new passport may take up to 180 days. It was at this period to count when you make a new passport to remain stock time before the expiration of the old passport and, of course, the validity of long-acting visa pasted in the old passport. In this embodiment of registration as a citizen is obliged to contact the Police Department Foreigners on pasting existing long-term visa in new passport. Contacting the police, the Aliens are at his residence in the Czech Republic. Addresses of offices of the foreign police can learn on the Internet.