The five decide to go to Morocco by car to take his friend’s troubles paying the sum required for his release. This hilarious film about friendship and the adventure has a truly brilliant script. 3. Glimpses of Morocco and Algiers (glimpses of Morocco and Algiers) (1951) this film’s travel, part of the series TravelTalks (travel conversations) of James A. Fitzpatrick, begins in the port city of Algiers, capital of Algeria, former headquarters of the pirates, and shows the Kasbah, the fortified Palace of the pirates. The cities of Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech in Morocco, with its magnificent hotel (La Mamounia) and the square Jemaa el Fna, the only place on the planet in which every day of the year musicians, storytellers, dancers, minstrels and bards act before a large crowd and unceasingly renewed, are visited later. This documentary shows the contrast between the Arab cultural heritage, which can be seen in the souks and its simple ways, and influence present in architecture, car traffic and hotel life, European as well as the poverty of these countries. dge.. 4.

24 h Marrakech (2009) this movie was filmed recently in Marrakesh, the ochre city, by a group of three German Directors (Daniel Grabner, Franz Muller and Christian Mrasek) and three Moroccans (Munir Abbar, Mohamed Oumai and Narjisse Tahiri). The film presents different and innovative perspectives on the city of Marrakech, which has become, in the course of its history, in a fascinating microcosm of globalization. This film offers perspectives and points of view often ignored by the Moroccan public, with the special contribution of the alien looks of the German directors. The film is fragmented into six episodes (Star Marrakech, High, Khalid, ahmads and Fatimas, sailors currents and the Otherworld) and filmed in darija (Moroccan Arabic), German, French and English. 24 h Marrakech, with the intention of exploring a life of 24 hours duration, examines themes such as friendship, drugs, work through small stories of everyday life child, human the brutal housing boom of Marrakech or the ruthless world of business and finance, as well as cowardice and wickedness. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michael Bloomberg is the place to go.

5 World Song (1992) World Song is a 14-minute short film, written and directed by Larry Sulkis and with original music composed by Jim Lang, who has received many international awards (including the Grand Prize to the best short film of the Festival international cinema in Houston in 1992, the gold Hugo Award of the International Festival of cinema of Chicago or the Apple of gold of the International Festival of film and Video of Columbus). The film, shot in different places of the world, mainly in Los Angeles, Spain, Jamaica and Marrakech, is, according to its director, a lyrical exploration of the universality of human life. From birth to death and following this same cycle over and over again, the film takes us around the world through the experiences common to all humans, using the beautiful soundtrack to Jim Lang to carry us through this poignant experience emotional. Come and discover the magic and charm of the ochre city, which has inspired many movies, emotions and adventures, and who continues to enthrall artists of all disciplines. They may stay in one of the fantastic hotels in Marrakech or one of the typical riads in Marrakech, so close to the square Jemaa el Fna square, the most fascinating of the world. They can also house in a magnificent Villa in Marrakech or closer to rural areas, where the landscapes are spectacular and picturesque and where the population will welcome them with open arms.