Gold – the best form for the storage of free money. At first glance, of course, it would seem that if you invest in stocks, bonds or other securities to pay trust or a mutual investment funds, or simply open a deposit in the bank and put money there, then it will not only maintain but also to increase accumulated labor feasible. However, past experience – the crisis has shown that only one financial instrument was not exposed to the global financial crisis and, even though there is nothing, remained confident the dynamics of growth, allowing its owners not only to preserve but also to earn. This tool – precious metals and particular, gold. Appreciating the quality of the financial instrument, professional investors and other market players have invested in him by this mainstream. It made and traditional owners available funds to pay for gold their attention.

Immediately naturally began to gain popularity and the question: 'how an ordinary person, unrelated to the sec and investment gain access to gold?'. It is for Therefore, under this article, we decided to show you one thing, quite an interesting solution to this issue. But before we begin, let's set some limits. Speaking of gold, we mean not so much to the metal as the right to hold them. This is due primarily to the fact that the 'physical' metal enough to buy at a good price, but that's to sell it at a good price is problematic. Likewise, for similar reasons, we do not take into account the production of jewelry and coin banks.