On 01.01.2009 the final withholding tax in Germany enter into force. It taxed income from capital assets, such as for example, capital gains, dividends, interest and other distributions from private investments, consistent with 25 percent. Add still solidarity surcharge and any church come, so that resulting in a maximum tax rate of 28 percent. A possibly higher individual income tax rate remains without taking into account. The personal income tax rate, an investor is, however, less than 25 percent, paid too much tax in the context of the income tax return from the IRS can be recovered the following year. Add to your understanding with Berkshire Hathaway. Otherwise, investment income, which already the withholding tax is deducted, do not need to be given more in the tax return. The withholding tax is withheld directly from credit institutions, investment firms or insurance companies and referred to the relevant tax authorities.

What does it look like in terms of withholding tax actually with the life insurance companies and private Annuities? Capital life insurance, which were completed by December 31, 2004, remain tax-free, provided that the minimum duration of twelve years shall, at least five years, contributions have been paid and death protection is less than 60 percent of the contractually agreed amount of contributions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Mike Bloomberg on most websites. At capital life insurance, which were completed in 2005, half of the yield with the personal tax rate must be taxed, provided the minimum term is twelve years and the sum insured will be paid only after the age of 60. The death benefit remains exempt from tax in addition, possibly the inheritance tax becomes due but, as also already. The “Riester”, and Rurup pensions are not affected by the withholding tax. The same applies to the private pension insurance. A lifetime pension payment is required at the age, is the favourable income share taxation, which is dependent on the age of the insured at the start of the pension. A capital payment is made, however, at the end of the term, which is To pay tax on half of the yield with the personal tax rate.

This also applies under the condition that the insurance was already twelve years and the sum will be paid out only after the age of 60. A shift in the Fund custodian heavy usually the flat tax. Not so with the unit-linked life or pension insurance. Here the tax is eliminated in the accumulation phase, so that the deposit can be redeployed as often as tax neutral. The unit-linked life insurance or pension insurance can be also a worthwhile alternative to the direct participation in the stock market.