Daughters and sons of their mothers (not yet) know that us today alien beings, as saying goes nine months under the heart has carried us. That has drawn us big, educated and sometimes bent. The result: Hardly another relationship has as much cargo, such as the relationship with the mother in a person’s life. Karin Intveen Volker Hepp, the brains behind Ammersee-sys, meets this charge”regularly in their open site seminars. Only, as Karin Intveen, the variety of topics the open day seminars offer hardly the way to go here in the depth.

How does the Volker Hepp, a depth that has clearly earned this important topic. And so is 2. 3 April Seminar: man, MOM! A seminar for daughters and sons ages”in the Schloss Seefeld near Munich instead. The target group are daughters and sons who want to meet her mother (better?) in the circles of other daughters and sons. A key issue will be what the own mother to has let the people who she is or was. These 1.5 days, there will be statements in the group, as well as in small groups.

For this seminar, there is only a condition of participation: participants must bring a photo of her mother. A news, or an old one that you like or one for which they feel ashamed, is do not care. What did Karin Intveen and Volker Hepp not tell me that. But from the good experience with other Ammersee-sys seminars of the two, I know: this image will have a new meaning behind. Ammersee-sys is a collaboration between Karin Intveen and Volker Hepp with the aim of making joint seminars in the field of systemic constellations and self-awareness as well as coaching. We come from the traditional family set-up and have grappled with different directions and teacher (Varga von Kibed, Jakob Robert Schneider, Wilfried de Philipp, Victoria Schnabel) as well as other forms such as NLP, solution-focused brief therapy among others and developed our own style. The mental models of all those who deal with systemic thinking and approaches were also interesting for us. But detached from all directions are in the foreground. Your concern should be clarified in the work. You should advance the step which you currently want to progress. We are both certified installer of the IAG. Contact: Ammersee-sys Volker Hepp Walchstadter str. 19 82266 Inning am Ammersee Tel. 08143-99 266 76 fax. 08143-99 266 78 mail.