Why should because investments in the rental dampen the price brake or even prevent? Jurgen Dawo: Investors rightly expect that their capital is adequately remunerated. Make our experience but are investors to markets that in principle develop according to supply and demand, but if even momentarily under heavy state influence, a wide berth. (Source: Warren Buffett). This applies to both investments in the renovation and modernisation of existing objects and the establishment of new objects? Jurgen Dawo: Yes, because the scheduled rent brake applies equally to the initial rental, new hire, rental adjustments for current leases, as well as the assessment ability of modernisation and renovation costs. Investors, comparatively close State borders should be used so the reasonable return on capital employed. But, we agree that often explosively increasing rents in German cities in many ways are harmful Jurgen Dawo: without a doubt, the lack of affordable housing to eliminate not by the fact that the policy prohibits an adequate income to investors.

This creates no more additional housing square meters and has nothing to do with market economy. If not more so, how then? Jurgen Dawo: can remain the best way to fight or even prevent, helping many people to affordable home ownership housing shortage and sharply rising rents in major German cities. In particular, we talking about threshold households, so families with children and average income. Often, still historically low mortgage interest rates, a homeowner can be built or bought to rent similar conditions. This is probably the best protection against rising rents.

Apart from the fact that the own four walls have a high emotional value, significantly improve quality of life and is a first class private pension plans are. What should cities and towns do Yes what must, in order to achieve this? Jurgen Dawo: Local authorities must provide far more land than previously. Because many families may not realize still her dream of your own four walls because they find no building land in an acceptable location.