It, in turn, made of it the words of it, in the same tone. as in a film scene, its lips if joining in a long one and had been waited kiss. Thing that left astonished the curious ones in return of the scene. While this inexplicable kiss involved those two souls, it can be heard shots come of the place where it was having the assault and that they had been replied by the policemen who were there and others that were arriving. It was a running between shouts, all looked for to protect itself of lost bullets without perceiving that already it had a victim. Landmarks, that Camila without freeing its hands falls at one’s feet, in an attempt of you make to bend down itself it also not to be reached. Camila with the head of it in its col, cried out for aid while of its eyes more falls the tears suffered from the world. – Me it does not leave Landmarks now! It has force, resists.

It looks at you stop me, we delay stops finding in them and it does not go to be a lost bullet that will go separating in them! I know that you are it man that I waited for as much time! He is with me! He is with me! It, with very effort said he loved that it, that it was a nonsense, if they had never seen, but he loved and if felt loved. It gave its I finish sigh, in the form of one I finish kiss in the mouth of the woman who waited the entire life and that she had found in the death. Camila, desperate, in one I finish hope wire, left running in search aid, without seeing the car where the thieves ran away, who in highest speed advanced, playing far its body already without life. Estarrecidos, the gifts the scene, did not believe what they saw, more intrigued would be when reading the news in periodicals of the following morning. Sergio, in the velrio, made of everything to console D. Ana, who even so suffering deeply, did not doubt that the destination of the people when being born, already she was traced. Hugged it said: – To My she said me heart that they went to meet and if to get passionate, but was not to be of this skill! But in any way, I believe that they are together and happy in some place!