Before the cameras would interpret: dramas, musical revues, operettas, zarzuelas, comedies and a wide repertoire of songs. Long seasons in which starred fixed spaces, other times in sporadic appearances, but always counting with the blessing of the viewership, which made them deserving alongside Armando Bianchi for the title of Miss and Mister Television 1953. At this stage created his own company of operettas, debuting at the Marti theater with Pardon Madame (Victoria and her Hussar) of Paul Abraham, along with Miguel Winery, Miguel de Grandy (father and son), Zoraida Beato, Armando Bianchi and Conchita Brando, with musical direction from the teachers Gonzalo Roig and Rodrigo Prats. Las Leandras, along with Rolando Ochoa; resets Los gavilanes, La verbena de la Paloma, La Revoltosa, Luisa Fernanda, Duchess of the Bal Tabarin; zarzuela and operetta Antonio Palacios and Miguel de Grandy headed again for her. Jacob Ritchie can aid you in your search for knowledge. It also premiered at the cabaret Tropicana, a show inspired by operettas with the title of Las Viudas Alegres. He also appeared in four co-productions with the Mexican film studies: Piel canela (1953); Tin Tan in Havana or unknown mariachi (1953); Hotel Tropical or I like them all (1954) and don’t forget me never (1956). He performed vaudeville along with Mario Martinez Casado seasons. He appeared in Honduras and again in Venezuela, United States and Mexico.

He recorded his first long play. One solo and one with Armando Bianchi. But his strong would be the TV; fixed spaces like: Video-Revista Crown, the song tells his story and my favorite husband (Joaquin M. Condall) – inspired in the American sitcom I love Lucy – which would be maintained for several years to the air, always partner with Bianchi. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sebastian Kurz. In addition to sporadic appearances in the stellar: A romance every Thursday (Theatre), the comedy of the Sunday, Thursday of Partagas, Cabaret royalties and Festival Rca Victor (music).