Catari broadcaster also noted the arrest in Maitika of the Colonel to the Jituni, considered one of the main military charges linked to Qadhafi, and eight of his colleagues. Sources of the rebels also said that they had arrived to take control of the historic city of Tarhuna, 60 kilometres south of Tripoli. In operation known as the Alba of the siren by opponents, contrary to the Gaddafi regime rebels have risen in eastern districts of the capital and have begun to also arrive across the sea, coming from Misrata. The regime leader asks for help to his followers Mu’ammar al-Gaddafi has called on all Libyans, in a speech to the nation, to join the battle to prevent the enemy from making with Tripoli. In his second speech in less than 24 hours, Qaddafi ordered that weapons and stockpiles of Tripoli deposits are open to citizens, so that they defend the capital. Open the arms stores, delivered them to the masses. Where are the religious who are always at the forefront and are looking for the? martyrdom? That come out of their houses to clean mice Libya!, exclaimed, and recalled that at this time it is arming families. In addition, accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy, have promoted the NATO bombing to appropriating Libyan oil.

In his speech, in which he referred only to dnder Tripoli and not the rest of the country, he urged men and women to the revolutionary committees to go into battle in Tajura, East neighborhood of Tripoli that has already fallen into rebel hands, according to the opposition. All Libyans are called to join the battle of Tripoli to prevent the enemy to take this city, Gaddafi, insisted in a speech of epic tone directed to galvanize his followers.We will not ever give, we succeed. Forward, forward! Allah is great!, it topped Qadhafi his allocution, after remembering that he also follows in Tripoli. Source of the news: the rebels are facing in the capital of Libya a cornered Gaddafi loyalists