Although trends this fall are on other roads, this eye makeup technique has become a classic. Almost as much as the red lips. Eyes with smoke eyes shadows not only become the focus of the face point, but are also encouraging and versatile. This makeup is suitable for llevarlocon the most rocker look with Femme Fatale and Little Black Dress looks. Does not fail! An assiduous fan of this technique is Patricia Conde. Her renunciation of this makeup which combines with all her looks but be careful, not all is not as perfect as it seems. If you do not know well apply this technique you can get a sunken eyes effect. Keep in mind that various colors are used in this technique and oddly unicolor actually is conformed by a play of shadows.

The trick to avoid the sunken eyes lies in using the lighter shades in the eyebrow bone and tear towards the middle of the eyelid. You can use shades of beige and golden. Use dark colors to mark the shape of the eye. I.e., follows the line of the tabs at the top, reaching the tear, extending over the outside of the eye. Get the perfect result using a shade of a different color, blue more intense, violet, or green, below the tabs.

In General, for clear eyes, it is best to use gray, blue and violet. For those who have dark eyes range increases, as brown eyes are the major beneficiaries of this technique. You can use from more intense, dark blue, black to shades of green. Remember, this technique uses three shades of colors as a minimum. Finally remark the look you can use a pencil of eye Khrol type on the inside of the eyelashes, i.e. on the inside line of eye. Does the article you think useful? Have you tried this makeup? How has it been you? Female image is also on facebook #! / group.php? gid = 164985296850578 Nayra X original author and source of the article.