Sophie called Kelly that night to tell them all about what happened and also clarified them that neither she nor to Pete bothered to come to visit Joey wanted to many times and it seemed to them a good idea which would call Cleve Grandpa and Grandma Kelly. So great was the joy of Kelly to receive the news that asked if it seemed to them well to go the next day to know him. Already he could not manage his anxiety!. Sophie accepted without reservations. The first encounter was a bit strange, Joey didn’t really understand where these two new grandparents who had arrived with toys had gone out. But the toys liked him and he did not care much its origin.

They gradually conquered their affection. Joey had arrived in their lives to make them feel full, commented on both. He had spent almost a week until Pete’s parents returned to call them to tell them that they had been thinking about it all that time, and that love felt by Joey wasn’t going to disappear because they knew that it was not in fact her grandson. It would not be his biological grandson, but yes it was in their souls. They were told that Joey was not guilty of anything. And that could be very angry with their parents, as indeed were, but they did not renounce his grandson. Time, as it often happens, was filing the harshness and the family was together again.

When came the fifth birthday of Joey, all celebrated in harmony, and even enjoyed seeing her grandson so happy playing with his friends under the guise of pirate that Alex had commanded him. Joey was 5 years. Only missing two days when he received the first Alex a postcard addressed to him. Sophie, who knew nothing of the decision that Alex and Mabel they had had in this regard, he was astonished to receive it.