Also, in her opinion, it is advisable multi-layered installation of cable trays. For example,, the lower tier of a three-tiered system can be used for copper communication cables, the average – for fiber-optic communication cables and top – for power cables. "For the upper cable management requires a greater number of various fastening devices, as this has to circumvent obstacles, such as fluorescent lamps and automatic fire, "- says Tony Lukabill manager to work with major clients of the company gs Metals, responsible for cable trays line Flextray.Gospodin Jett of companies Cab-le Management Solutions notes that the management of cabling is as critical factor, and cooling equipment that: "Before I lay cable channels, you must coordinate its actions with those of other services data center. Such coordination is the key to a successful installation and manual cabling. When laying cables over the rows of mounting racks and cabinets obstacles at every step, according to Jett: "I went to data centers, where active cooling components are located above each tray, was also at sites where the cooling units located directly on the lid of cabinet.

This complicates the design of their accommodation of mounting solutions for cabling. Another legacy facilities source of the problem may be due to the specific building where data centers. "Very often, the owner of the future data center, such as bank, is buying for its deployment of an old warehouse," – says Alan Greene. In such buildings Ceilings are generally high, they can build high raised floor, but nevertheless the use of "legacy" space is a recipe for problems, since such buildings were constructed without taking into account specific requirements of data centers.