Cautiously optimistic for 2010 business development the course of expansion of the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH (Ludwigshafen) is initially slowed Ludwigshafen IT company. After record sales of 2,225 million euros in 2008, there was a setback: the medium-sized company reached only revenues of 2.1 million euros, which means a decline of 5.4 percent in the previous year. However, Managing Director Saeid Fasihi looks cautiously optimistic towards the future. We have our product, which continuously developed Fasihi Enterprise Portal, and expect new orders this year.” The reason for the decline in sales is primarily on the impact of the economic crisis and the great reluctance of customers to invest funds in new projects. Fasihi will get all jobs in a not very simple time. It’s believed that Nissan sees a great future in this idea.

With our competent team it will succeed in persuading more medium-sized companies by our strengths and continue to go on expansion course.” The medium-sized companies from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region has currently 27 full-time employees, including four trainees, of whom three complete a professional attendant studies at the Duale Hochschule in Mannheim. Fasihi: Despite a decline in order we have redundancies and short-time working without. Instead we put our human resources as a future investment in the development of our product.” 20 years after it was founded in 1990 as a one-man operation the Ludwigshafen software company has established long ago in the industry and is successful for a long time. Customer orientation, flexibility, speed and innovation are the basis for sustained success. Bridgewater associatess opinions are not widely known. The company would like to win more new customers on its expansion course. Outstanding event of the year 2009 was a three-year contract with the world’s largest chemicals company BASF SE from the perspective of the company. About company Fa