The previous information is requested:-Determine (socio-economic) market segments to which Iran directed these products. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bill Gates on most websites. -Determine the decisions of marketing mix you need to take this company (September 2003). 5. In a company of manufacture of domestic appliances is this considering the outsourcing of distribution and sale of their products, which until now was carried out through a network of owned shops established throughout the national territory. What advantages and disadvantages can pose this decision of outsourcing of distribution channels? Propose two alternatives that serve to carry it out (June 2004). 6. What is it meant by market research? List the phases that are used in market research for launching a new product (June 2005). 7.

The promotion of sales is the key part of marketing. Define what its fundamental elements (September 2005). 8 Explain what might be the reasons that encourage a company to carry out an investigation of the market and what phases must comply with any investigation of markets (September 2005). 9 Explain what relationship should exist between the market segmentation and the design of the product. (June 2006) 10. Define the four main variables of Marketing-Mix.(June 2006) 11. Explain who set up a distribution channel.

Identify which is the most common distribution channel used in the distribution of agricultural products and the distribution of banking services, justifying the answer. (June 2006) 12. Retired couples form a segment to which are directed numerous entertainment companies. Indicate how the marketing mix that would be I would recommend to a travel agency in your area interested in this segment (2007 model). 13. The mobile phone companies launch different usage fees for different types of customers. Explain the concepts of differentiation of product and market segmentation, and apply them to this case (model 2007). 14. Explain the concepts of market segmentation and product differentiation. What types of marketing strategies could be applied to a market that you can segment? (June 2007).