The sun light and heat will donate photovoltaic and solar systems of the strength of the Sun for 4.6 billion years. The reserves that the big yellow star possesses are inexhaustible. The man has long time just reverently looked up to the Sun and worshipped them. It was gradually but clearly that the Sun can be more than just light and heat. And so it came that began the research, which dealt with the possibilities of how to use the Sun’s energy. For even more details, read what FTSE 100 says on the issue.

The first days of the research are long gone, solar power is a source of energy, which is becoming increasingly important today. The Sun becoming increasingly important not only because the resources on our planet are scarce, but also due to pollution and climate change. Maucher Elektro has focused for years on the installation of photovoltaic systems in the area of Biberach. And the customer base is growing. Around Biberach, Ulm, bad Waldsee, bad Wurzach, Memmingen and Ravensburg, Ochsenhausen increased the number of people who use solar panels significantly.

And satisfied customers are the best evidence that solar energy is popular and can effectively produce electricity. If you’re planning a photovoltaic system, does not with a view to short-term results. Rather, it involves a plan, which extends far into the future. The correct selection of the individual competent is as important as the knowledge about scholarships and other financial incentives. But of course the they depends on the quality of the solar system itself. Maucher Elektro has made an important step in this regard. An experienced and reputable partner won through the cooperation with the company Solarworld, which his part contributes to the quality and the delivery at the highest level can be kept. The cooperation could be better. While Solarworld manufactures the modules of the photovoltaic system, Maucher Elektro is always well informed when it comes to technical developments, innovations and production processes. That may be the customer just right. Wolfgang Maucher