EX POMADE MediKit perfect symbiosis of mobile exhibition system and digital content with the MediKit EX POMADE can be created the ideal connection between fair system and digital components. The MediKit integrates seamlessly into each EX POMADE trade fair system, thus creating the ideal combination of digital items and classic fair system. By integrating the content are ideally matched to convince maximum attention. The EX POMADE media consists of a LCD monitor as well as a counter plate with a keyboard. Thanks to the continuous Systemnut, the monitor and the counter plate can be inserted into each extension module and therefore seamlessly be integrated. Unlike existing exhibition systems the digital components are required in the EX POMADE trade fair system individually and independently from the stand, but can be matched directly to. Thus, content can be adapted to the booth concept and allows a strong activation of the visitors. Can not only monitor Presentations are played, but content are retrieved directly from the Internet.

Different media formats can also be used. In addition to text, videos and animations can be used and sent on demand directly by E-Mail to interested visitors. The counter plate together with the keyboard also enables an additional stabilising element for the EX POMADE trade fair system and an additional storage room cabin. Equipped with the innovative wallup of advertising pressure of the counter can be used and how a rollover can be – moved out and thus create an easily accessible storage space cabin. Directly under the counter can reach well protected catalogs and brochures are stored and allow an optimal use of the stand area. The placement of MediKits can happen to any desired mounting element and used individually.

The integrated Systemnut allows the placement at any desired height. In addition, no additional tools must be inserted as is necessary for the construction of the fair system. Thus not only the two towers make a stand out with the system, but the media allows also a stand out with system by the digital elements as integral can be installed in any fair system.