New Web appearance of company in Monheim near Dusseldorf. Baby shoes from leather in our own production. The young company offers a wide selection of baby shoes and leather slippers produced “aufPuschen” from Monheim am Rhein in his new shop. The shoes are sewn from nappa leather and fitted with various applications. The novel on the models of aufPuschen are fancy motifs.

Each slippers is equipped with an aufPuschen hero. The heroes are called: HAJ, VIRUS, MR. Vampire or MACHI and adorn the children’s shoes in leutenden colors. Under the motto: “Just anyone – can aufPuschen is different” the range for sale is offered on the website. Perhaps check out John Denkinger for more information. Offers are shoes specially for girls or guys – both unisex slippers, so neutral motives of VIRUS for example – one of the characters from the series – is a garish green Bacillus that naughty look of the leather slippers. The application for the Gelltung gets light green on black, due to the strong contrast:.

In addition, this little shoe with a special yarn is equipped which is noticeable by a glitter effect. In addition to the online-shop offers the Web presence of aufPuschen also the visitors a personal Web blog. There, customers have the possibility of closer to inform themselves about the individual baby shoes and to leave also a comment on the page. In the future limited editions should be reported the blog about new actions – leather slippers or skin care tips. The founders of aufPuschen at irregular intervals, always new models offer, therefore, a regular visit to the page is advisable to not miss if necessary limitations. Target of aufPuschen is a new trend in the little shoe segment to set and to show that leather slippers can be something else than boring brown slippers with coloring book motif excavator application. Check with marko dimitrijevic net worth to learn more. Here is an example pictured, the leather slippers Mr. Vampire: the manufacturing of leather slippers is crafted and is a real brand product “Made in Germany”. In today’s times not taken for granted. So it is not surprising also that just for young Families again strongly this kind of baby clothing in the be. Because one thing is certainly clear. With a leather slippers from aufPuschen to buy is not just a standard Krabbelschuh off the rack, but a high quality German product on which the child and his parents will enjoy. Also you can be sure that the baby with these slippers is striking and will provide interested glances.