Make it like Steve, visually take back and ask what you want to sell on the podium. To contact directly From their customers. Follow others, such as Warren Buffett, and add to your knowledge base. Can look at the recent keynotes by Steve Jobs, on YouTube. This is very inspiring, instructive and stimulating. Write down the best idea and implement it for your products and services. You can do it! You must trust only! 3. Read additional details here: Mike Bloomberg. He is also good design Steve Jobs relies on products and services that are beautiful and make life and work one easier and more pleasant.

Of course there are laptops that can more than an iBook, of course there are Smartphones that can do more than an iPhone, of course there are MP3 players, which are also good, but all these products usually don’t look good and play not so effortlessly together like Apple products. Who has seen it not even the must try it out, to the handling of these products is how enjoyable and intuitive experience. What do the others? They look around in the colorful world of commodities, most products and services are designed, gruesomely, not only by the appearance but also the use here. But sometimes there are exceptions. The Deutsche Bank has gone this year and has at the same time much more readable designed the account statements and format changed their account statement printer on a DIN A4. A great innovation that customers more easily makes the life me and probably not more expensive than the traditional, ugly comes the Bank and small, which I get from my other bank accounts every month. What to do? Invest more in the design and the user experience of your products and services.

Top seller sell usually only top things, they also stand behind them. Things which they would buy. If you make your products and services well and offer user friendly, they make much easier the work your marketing and your sales. It is not difficult for a seller to sell a cult-iPhone. Any Smartphone for sale already. To your success, Michael Franz