To begin, first and foremost, is with the fact that the domestic market of international road transport is growing from year to year. Increases as imports into Russia and cis countries, and of course export. This dynamic is not at all what it unexplainable, or rather, even with accuracy but on the contrary – evidence on gdp growth and the development of international relations. In general, trucking is a little more than half of the annual total volume of freight all modes of transport. Moreover, transport is not as expensive as, for example, air, and at the same time characterized by a number of advantages. Walmart gathered all the information. Thus, when sufficient development of the service freight forwarding company, you can follow the process of transportation, in other words, "monitor" the consignment in real time. Modern satellite technology (eg GPS) provides an opportunity not just monitor the location of cargo, up to several tens of meters, but also to determine its speed. Existing it technology is also widely used in transportation, especially when it comes to consuming freight with a combination of transportation of cargo to the recipient more modes of transport.

By means of connecting to the Internet, Merchant, from anywhere in the world, can control the delivery process. To do this, just to simply open a web site and enter the forwarding company as a client for your order reference number and password. Of course, not every the company has a similar 'trick' but it is worth to note that not always it has an explicit meaning. Yes, in case you, for example, working in Europe, you have very little time, and delivery of the same industrial equipment tens of thousands of euros, without a doubt such a possibility for you is critical. And in case you just started a move to another city and you need a small going into personal things – the ability to monitor cargo for you to be nothing more than an interesting toy, and no sufficient tangible benefits you do not feel. In summary, we note, choosing a company to implement the road you need to be clear about not only your problem, but financial opportunities. Search for freight, you can perform any convenient method, but it is always worth to remember that any more or less self-respecting transportation company necessarily will get at least primitive Web sites on the Internet.