To kill the hunger, also we went to the bush to catar wild fruits. My brothers if amused while they went up in these trees. To be if grasping in lianas while they looked for fruits was the maximum. They were young boys, were in age of if amusing with these things. I was growing, following the fight of my family. Thanks to God, we evolve very. We extend our house, we had a good farming and we always continue very joined.

My life followed moving In 1899, to the 25 years, I was married Palavro Joo and I was to live in the Mount Gaucho. I had 9 children: 3 girls and 6 boys. Of my infancy until the time where I had my children, my life improved very. My husband already did not work in agriculture; it could mount a warehouse next to our house, a much more light and income-producing work. My children all had directed themselves well and constructed its families. But the changes continued to surprise me.

The fact that forget I cannot me, morally marcante, happened for return of mine 40 years, when I was the Caxias of the South to make purchases. Although in the distance between the Mount Gacho and Caxias of the South not to be so great thus, the cultural contrasts were visible. I remember that, while was taking a walk, observing the vitrinas, badly I could disfarar my astonishment. I was corada, without reaction, when seeing in the show window of the Magnabosco store a panty, that at that time we said pants. Even though for the size, we could not call them in the diminutive one. The size of the feminine close parts was similar to the one of a bermuda shorts of today. With the cloth of that panty, currently, it would give to make 20 parts more than, without a doubt none. In house, we did not dare to leave them at sight not even in the varal. It frightened me to the scene. ' ' Benedeto! ' ' , I said baixinho. Shame imagines, that! What that made displayed in the street? I swore that the end of the world if approached. Much frightened, when arriving in house, I counted for one of my granddaughters, whom until today the fact falls in the outburst of laughter recounting. Really, my life was marked by changes. Now, I stop and think. If at that time I knew that today the world would be of this skill, without modesty some, with untied values to the wind, perhaps I I would have conformed with what vi. If the transformation of the world had been marked only for the size of the close part, today, I would not be frightened. What it leaves more me sad is that values, good superior to this, had been if dissolving. I know that ' ' popa' ' that I was, that gave value to the family, to the work and to all to the divine creations never will be born in the generations of today, not even in my great-great-granddaughters. * Text of Ktia R. Maffei Dos Reis, writing on the basis of the deposition of Carmen Orlandin Maffei, granddaughter of Henriqueta Santini Palavro, narrator-personage of these literary memories.