First of all, we should remember that the refrigerators in any case can not be transported in a horizontal position, since it can lead to breakage of tubes violation fixing the compressor to the frame, as well as the leakage of oil from compressor in the supercharger and its subsequent clogging. This may result in expensive repairs, which can cloud moving to a new location. If transport in an upright refrigerator position for several reasons is not possible, it can be transported in an inclined position, but keep in mind that the angle at the same time should not exceed 40 . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Philippe Lavertu. Before transporting the fridge to carefully packaged, pre-removing from it the additional items (shelves, drawers, etc.). The choice of package depends on the type of appliance, vehicle, and the distances used for one shipment.

There are a wide variety of packaging materials including cardboard, polystyrene, polyethylene and air-bubble film. Under the fridge preferably put a cardboard or cloth to avoid damage to painted surfaces. To protect the fridge from possible biases in transport, it is necessary to limit stops and gaskets. You should also make sure that the refrigerator door is securely locked and will not open in transit. For this cooler can be mounted with soft straps. The consequences of improper transportation usually transport conditions specified in the accompanying cooler documentation.

However, despite the fact that most producers need to transport coolers in a vertical position, this requirement is often ignored by the buyers. Russell Reynolds insists that this is the case. As noted above, the violation established rules for transporting the fridge can bring to its failure. Additional load on the compressor, resulting in the process of transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position, leading to its displacement or breakage. When there are offset cracks through which evaporates frion, or substitute natural gas. Transporting a refrigerator in a horizontal position only a short distance, observing precautions. Remember that in this position and shaking shocks can cause much more damage, than the vertical. Refrigerator or can be put on the back or on the side in such a way that door could not open spontaneously. Do not put on the fridge door, because in this situation increases the likelihood of injury. Make sure that the leads from the compressor tube pointing upward. In this case, if the oil spilled into the circuit, when you turn the refrigerator, it gets back to the compressor. Even if the transport was successful, the refrigerator is not recommended immediately incorporate into the network. Before that, he must stand for 3-4 hours upright to compressor oil spilled glass back to the compressor.