Many people in the world are living unhappy with his life and many things about their environment and with the many components that make up the scope of daily life, so in many cases the motivation is lost and much As tensions and the desire to perform many activities, which will result in the situation more worse more, given that there is more aggregate, which is the lack of excellent performance that each person brought before it null and void their minds. Checking article sources yields Peter Arnell – Pompeii Photographs as a relevant resource throughout. Analyzing the situation outlined above, the only way to solve and to reach a stage of development and satisfaction, is to begin to make the change yourself, but plays find a way to help regain lost motivation, to which arises as answer one of the most innovative techniques in the world today, which is neuro-linguistic programming, since through the various applications that have the neurolinguistic programming system can achieve great results as self-motivated, motivate others to achieve and if able to improve gradually the vision of the world and possibly contribute to the presence of better conditions in the environment. As you can see the scheduled neurolinguistics is a great option for improving various aspects of life as it is motivation and encouragement, but also can be useful in other fields such as losing the fears, to gain more confidence or in some cases to recover the trust it has lost in oneself and others, have better interpersonal relationships with different people that are around, another major aid can provide neuro-linguistic programming is also allowed to have sex more pleasurable, leave the bad habits that have, like alcohol and cigarettes. Entering more deeply into a subject as interesting and as it is great favoravilidad neurolinguistic programming, to discuss this refers to a programming job to work directly with the attitude and provision of people to certain things in their lives and so can produce and deliver certain programmed systems of behavior and to have a better provision for various activities and achieve better results. To achieve the program should work directly in sensory perceptions, which determine the emotional state from a subjective point of view and the means by which it achieves the level of perceptions (neuro) is through the use of communicative activity either verbal or nonverbal. The effect of neurolinguistic programming on people, is that with the experience of a particular situation, you have a previous experience on such a situation, ie a specific sensory experience is stored in the brain and will proceed based on this in real life situation..