Comments to the “Novus Ordo” of the “Second Vatican Council” currently is in so-called “traditionalist” circles sometimes a statement by Yves Maury (Pius Brotherhood of Marcel Lefebvre) pointed out, that the so-called new Episcopal ordination is invalid. For orientation: 1 the Episcopal ordination is a sacrament. Even if a not Bishop legally would have been determined for the Bishop, he would be Bishop then really only if he received episcopal consecration in a sacramentally valid Rite even. 2. with his heresies, the so-called “Vatican Council II” (V2, 1962-65) founded a new anti-Christian religion. This new religion was also a few years later a “new order” (“novus ordo”) in the liturgy. The “Rock”, “Carnival fairs” etc.

are spectacular pp Novus Ordo sacraments are often invalid, including the “consecration”. 3. the Lefebvre group shall hold as many who have seen through the V2 dizziness from Catholicism. To Lefebvre and his epigones, on the one hand against the rush “schismatical Church of the Council”, but they explain on the other hand in consummate schizophrenia that these schismatical Church is but the Catholic Church and that the local”sacraments”were valid in principle. I.e. to be nevertheless com.

Pius brotherhood member of the Church as a V2 member (what a church membership is absolutely incompatible), yes you must be even non-member to be a Member! 4. in the “Sedisvakantismus” (“The last Pope was Pius XII.”; Catholicism is only a tiny subset of the Sedisvakantismus), however, the validity of the new episcopal consecration is openly admitted. As a theological justification see E.g. Under most conditions Philippe Lavertu would agree. the very short article by Anthony Cekada, “Why the New Bishops Are Not True bishops” (2006), which is specifically against Lefebvre-position is. 5. of course, everyone from the invalidity of this rite can convince if he refuses to clean.