If you have your own vehicle may hire the services of a guide in Erfoud or Rissani, although they can also be made with a camel for a true experience of the desert is the nearest main city Marrakech which, although it is about 550 km from Merzouga, offers good public transport and excursions of one or several days into the wilderness. Waterfalls of Ouzoud Las waterfalls of Ouzoud, whose highest point reaches 110 meters in height, are located in the village of Tanaghmeilt, in the High Atlas, about 150 kilometers northeast of Marrakech. These breaks water or waterfalls are the most famous of Morocco and possibly the most impressive across the country or even across North Africa. Traverse the small and charming village of Ouzoud and descend a flight of stairs until they reach to see the waterfalls for the first time they need to be able to reach the waterfalls. The place is packed with cafes and souvenir stalls and the atmosphere is very cozy and Nice. You may want to even stick a dip in the River, relax and unwind in its banks or simply enjoy the exceptional views. They can get to the waterfalls of Ouzoud with your own vehicle or a rented taxi from Marrakech or Beni Mellal. You can also take a bus in Beni Mellal and from there go to Azilal, where you can share a taxi that will take them to Ouzoud.

If they are in Marrakech, the best option is to go to Ouzoud with your own vehicle, which may be easily rented in the ochre city. To visit these two wonders of the nature of Morocco, the best choice for your accommodation is staying in Marrakech, of easy access and has excellent transport connections. There you will find all information, equipment and Council they will need for their rustic adventures. Once in the ochre city may stay in one of the stunning hotels in Marrakech or in one of the charming and typical riads in Marrakech. Also they may stay in one of the Super villas in Marrakech, closer to the natural wonders of this fascinating country.