In various countries around the world for several hundred years, a "green roof". High insulation qualities make them the most successful decision in choosing the material for roof covering. That is why very popular "green roof" received in countries where low temperatures prevail. At the same time, the sod cover helped to keep cool in homes in hotter countries. Despite the age of this method obscure the roof today to him with joy returning, many residents of Northern Europe. Deteriorating with each passing day ecological conditions and reduce the areas of greenery, makes a "green roof" ideal helpful to view the rest of the roof.

And thanks to modern technology, to get "live roof" is now in the cellar. Follow others, such as William McKinnon, and add to your knowledge base. In Russia, roofing materials of this type are just beginning to come into vogue. There are a few examples – tc Ryad and several underground car parks in the capital. The main reason for which technology is moving so long in our country – low level of knowledge among experts, and more importantly, lack of experience. Benefit is already the situation starts to change for the better. In essence, the "green roof" is created as follows. Usual classical roofing materials cover another special layer which is a carpet of fertile soil, which serves as a breeding ground for selected plants.