Intelligence is the human, making a child top with respect to itself, with regard to what would have been without an early stimulation, is give it the best tool that can have as a human being throughout his life. Everything will be easier, you will relate experiences and knowledge to decide the future with many more chances of success, you will find that the problems are not such but exciting challenges, opportunities for advancement and will no doubt progress will progress more with its enhanced tool, i.e., with their intelligence that a day was stimulated early thanks to their parents, thanks to you that you know how difficult that life can be if you’re not well prepared, the changing thing can be the circumstances, economic situations, social needs. No other legacy will be as durable throughout his life, no economic crisis subtracted one iota of the legacy that you are about to provide. In addition children are born with a furious desire to learn, they believe that learning is a skill necessary for the survival and they are right. They want to learn everything about everything and they want to learn it quickly, it is very dangerous to be very young and helpless.

All animal species know it. And in spite of this, many people believed that what children want the first six years of his life is not learn but play. Learning is a skill necessary for survival. This law is fulfilled especially in humans, and all newborn known, unless we convince you of anything else with arguments or pressure. And, Yes, adults tend to do this: when our son makes us one of those questions impossible to answer, like why the sky is blue and not green, what we do in practice is to tell and brilliant: anda grab a toy and go play for a while. My proposal is that you try your small child knowing that every explanation you give, every novelty of showing him worldwide, will be in the zoo, in the Park, at home, walking to every response you give with simplicity and respect, you are increasing your intelligence and becoming a better human being. Dedicate time, respect and love and everything will change for the better. For your happiness and your son, Nuria Ferres original author and source of the article.