For each type of dangerous object has his own, but there are a few general points: notarized copies of constituent documents, lists of certified Specialists in Industrial Safety (required photocopies of diplomas and certificates), lease or certificate of ownership to the premises, the documents confirming the existence of the necessary equipment and examination of industrial safety of your dangerous object. Typically, these services are provided by expert organizations, relevant license rtn. Once all documents are collected – they must be submit to the territorial or central authority rtn (affiliation depends on the type of dangerous object). The average time for consideration of materials and applications for licenses all responsible executives is 30-40 days. If all checks passed, and controlling the organization has no comments, the Office of the methodology and organization is an endorsed by all responsible executives of the draft order granting the license. But there are occasions when it is not clear to which class of gco is an object – whether explosive, or chemically dangerous For example, is highly explosive subject of boiler, which runs on diesel fuel and used for personal needs of the enterprise. The term of operation of the facility – 3 years. Do check the object as gco? The situation has a lot of unknowns, and in this case consult with the letter of the law: registration is required if the vapor pressure over 0.07 MPa or water temperatures above 115 degrees Celsius.

Can also affect the availability of diesel fuel (important, its volume). Or, for example, whether to license to work with precursors (hydrochloric acid)? The answer is simple – no, because Government of the Russian Federation dated 03.06.2010 398 "On Amendments to the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, subject to control in the Russian Federation established a tabular form of Schedule iv. The effect of this legal act enters into force on 22 July 2010 Hydrochloric acid is related to table number 3, and therefore not subject to registration. It happens that organization changed its name and owner, with own hazardous industrial facilities and has a license for their operation. What to do in this situation? Simply submit an application for re-registration licenses (according to "Article 11 Renewal of the document confirming the existence of the license" of the Federal Law "On licensing certain types of activity" on August 8, 2001 128-FZ) Because the license rtn – a very demanding procedure, and then entrust it costs only professionals who will not miss a single detail. As a rule, experienced professionals can provide assistance and to consult on the definition supplies your equipment to a particular class, according to the classification of rtn, and will assist in collecting and preparing the necessary documentation to obtain a license for all rtn activities. The choice of expert organizations2 quite broad, and the market are a lot of suggestions. Here the most important thing – do not make a mistake and choose the right! Industrial safety you!