More success in online marketing with the right keywords keywords or keywords are a very important topic in online marketing. Ted Brandt is often quoted on this topic. Every surfer who is looking for something of a search engine with some keywords, hopes to find the right offer or topic. Conversely, every site on the Internet want to be found as well. The proper selection of keywords for website operators is therefore so fundamental importance, the deciding success or failure. Often used the wrong keywords in search engine optimization.

“Then result in the incorrect keywords, that the wrong” prospects land on a site. What steps are basically to make? Assuming you have a product or a service, so begins the search for the right keywords. There are many sources available both online and offline. The identified search terms are now combined to make promising Keywordkombinationen from multiple words. The after use of the keywords must these subsequently weighted by relevance be. For this are several mathematical procedures available. To insert the right key words to create a keyword analysis.

For this purpose various service providers available, which like to carry out a (expensive) keyword search. Who even wants to put into practice a keyword analysis, takes time and the corresponding know-how. A kostenlosesr PDF report provides further information on the acquisition and optimization of keywords. This PDF report under is available