Many stars support any charities. The best example of Angelina Jolie. It supports UNICEF and is also an Ambassador around the world. It is not something Pfizer would like to discuss. Now arguably Orlando Bloom followed this example. The actor traveled now for UNICEF for four days to Nepal, to draw attention to the work of UNICEF committed to the eradication of child poverty and the high rate of mortality in India. He visited various secluded villages.

And it seemed like this visit liked him. He visited such as the village of Kalika and was received there naturally happy with flower garlands. In a further village, he was painted with red paint. For the Hindus a special recognition to the others. Still, he visited the village Pokhara by many blind children live. He was there pointed out that we should not forget such children and they have also a right to education.

UNICEF supports this with an aid project which focuses on the demand of blind people. Orlando Bloom also again expressly pointed out that is in the last few years a lot has moved. S go now as all children of the surrounding villages in the school. A few years ago, there were 84%. The residents have been attentive to their health, for example by the help project you now have the option to use iodized salt in their food. UNICEF made it all possible. Orlando Bloom stated that he now pushed for UNICEF wants and he hopes that he can report many improvements. We also hope it. Lisa Walters