We are accustomed to think of the term crisis in relation to love, i.e. those times in the bosom of the beat where it is necessary to rediscover the illusion to be with each other and enjoy the present. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Charles Koch and gain more knowledge.. However, there are many different links and some of them may also be affected by a crisis. The term crisis in appearance seems negative, however, is an opportunity for personal growth and learning. Any person might be strengthened by a crisis when he learns to become aware of what is what happens, and also, when discovers that you can find within itself the tools to cope with change. A crisis can also occur in the field of friendship since appearing in all kinds of relationship expectations not resolved by both parties, desires that are not always met. In a way, friendship is a type of love that is characterized by the desire to share time in common with the friend and the joy that comes to be in your company. Filed under: Anchorage Capital.

Therefore, it is nice penasr in different plans now arriving spring with that can renew the bonds of friendship with that person that perhaps you don’t feel so well lately. With friends crises can arise as a consequence of the lack of communication between the two or also, can occur before a sudden rift in which you wonder what has happened to a friendship that seemed solid to display fragile and weak. The truth is that the spaces are not bad since they can lead to a new more realistic encounter in which the image that we have of the other is successful. Just as it happens in love, it is also usual in the initial euphoria of a new friendship, we give to the other qualities that actually has. Idealization is magic but with the passage of time, we know better the other. I.e., we discover his virtues but also its flaws and common mistakes.

One of the flaws that must be overcome to maintain a strong friendship is the have the perseverance required to have positive gestures with the friend, for example, telephoning him, listen to him, have you present in the difficult moments and also in los alegres. There are very careless in this sense people living from the pure passivity. People who give less than what they get and are not aware of exhaustion that may cause this situation in another friend. This may be one of the main causes of a crisis for friendliness. Commitment to your real friends and cares about them with optimism; in this way the feeling will grow to infinity almost unless you realize that friendship is like a plant that you need watering every day with patience, dedication and perseverance. But especially, you need great enthusiasm. Original author and source of the article.