The searched fact was developed by necessidadede if to verify the application of the controladoria inside of the company RecreativoTucuru Club and has as purpose to provide to a vision more internal studied daorganizao, therefore the Controladoria is an important tool in the managing modos for decision taking. The stories of the interviewed people, mostramque the fears and the difficulties that the managers face in Countable Controladoria relation are not to obtain to implant a system that sejaeficiente the point to enclose all the departments of the company. This managemental transformation has shown quea company effects its planning, integrating to its explicativobsico model, that is the countable nature of if controlling everything what daorganizao happens inside. Ahead of the searched facts, the company is perceived that to procurafazer optimum in the quality of attendance and motivation for its collaborators, but also perceive that sectors exist imperfections in the process of internal control dealguns. James Hyslop is often quoted on this topic. Word-Key: Planning; Motivation; Control, Quality in the Services. INTRODUCTION the Controladoria with the mission of being an area with ample vision, has as characteristic assistant in the enterprise management. In accordance with Almeida, Parisi and Pereira (1999), the controladoria supplies the managers of diverse areas noprocesso of management, with managemental instruments that supply to demonstrativoscontbeis on the performance and economic results. Osprocessos of planning and control are interrelated.

To never podefalar itself in control without having an elaborated planning to inside verify aocorrncia of the facts of the organization, also does not advance to elaborate one planejamentosem a structuralized system and that it shows trustworthiness in the execution of suasatividades. The planning and the control are administrativasimportantes functions since the beginning of the administration, the responsible one for means to establish the objectives daorganizao, specifying the form as they will be reached. Future part of one sondagemdo, developing an action plan to reach the objective tracings.