Advertising in the press (options of advertising in print media) Advertising page (cover and inside page) Modular periodical ad (3-4 sizes) 8. Representative products (description of the general rules of registration of corporate attributes and souvenirs, as well as recommendations and examples of various objects (eg, weekly, etc.)). Folder paper and leather. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rebecca Wei. Paper for notes Weeklies Pens, business card holders, badges, key chains, watches, lighters, t-shirts, umbrellas and plastic bags Paper 9. Navigation (internal and external elements of navigation, as well as recommendations for their use).

The sign above the main entrance Street signs The navigation within buildings (signs for doors and office buildings, signs, markers (vozm. typesetting, unit), color coding, etc.) Tips on using different types of navigation elements Floor system pointers Index Wall ceiling mount system pointers Recommendations for placement navigational elements 10. Uniforms and personal identification (description of the appearance of the uniforms, as well as models of licenses, permits and other personal documents). Uniforms for men and women ID lapel badge staff, reading sign Pass (pass the employee, a guest pass) This is not the whole list. Each company can have their individual positions to be described in a brand-beech.

Such a system is extremely important compilation of brand-book for companies with extensive branch network. What to do with brand-beech? The main thing – it all done. Best of all – the very first steps of the firm. If the start-up companies have doubtful, if not defined markets and precise positioning, it is preferable to wait 1-2 years. And when the business can stand – and then formalize it. This usually occurs in parallel with the unification of the entire business process. Writing job descriptions, budgeting, a clear distribution of functions of departments of the firm. Then a brand-book can be printed for advertising and marketing departments. That they in turn provide it manufacturers to advertise. Very useful are the brand-books a single campaign or promotion. This is advantageous when you have a short period of time to place a huge amount of information in different media and do not want waste time on lengthy approval procedures. No less important is brand book and creating a site. Brand-book or its absence can be considered as a special issue of corporate culture and training manager advertising. While customers will not have their own brand of beeches, the level of publishing houses, editorial media, advertisers, manufacturers of outdoor advertising will be measured extremely conventional categories. As a result, everyone loses: and advertisers, and do customers who miss a great tool for a careful impact on the customer. Lost time and money on endless adjustments and modifications of corporate identity, plus a showdown with 'Wrong' performers, filled font color or muddle.