Carlos Blackberry Vanegas Construimos our future, thought by thought, For or or evil, although we do not know it. But thus the Universe was forged. The thought is another name for destiny, Chooses then your destiny and waits for, because the love produces love and hatred produces hatred. Gain insight and clarity with Elon Musk. Henry Van Dyke In Hinduism stands out constantly, that in rowing by this physical dimension, we must worry to understand our reason of being and the true interrelation with our surroundings, for it, is necessary to tear the veil of the illusion (Mayan) and to enter us in the true reality, to surprise us in whom we are, why we are, which is our line on watch. Eugene Carutti bequeaths to us, who to give us to account of how empequeecemos the reality and the universe with our forms, is important, when in fact we do not know how it is the universe, nor of which the reality consists.

We know so the problem of each of us is the narcissism; but behind this the narcissism of the humanity like species resides, not yet we thought collectively like organizations able to know in question all this; like the center of the universe, the important species, the ceiling of the evolution. Carutti insists on indicating, that the immensity sense is born when we perceived this deep human limitation. You know for example, how much a thirsty animal when drinking in the river or the pleasure of the boy enjoys who plays in his waters. The river absolutely does not know the form of his I milk. Its destiny of opening in a lake, the equations that chemistry will elaborate based on the composition of its water. It does not have idea of all this; the simple torrent flows: One becomes infinite realities, in other lives about which it does not know and it will not know everything for always. .