Shrimp cream is a light and tasty dish that we put as a starter and give a touch of special day at our menu. This is not a typical recipe of Christmas, but we can include it among our proposals of Christmas recipes, because as a starter he can be so special as a more typical prawn cocktail. The cream of shrimp ingredients: 600 g prawns glasses of broth of pescado.1 cebolla.1 zanahoria.1 pepper peladas.3 rojo.100 g mushrooms in laminas.1 glass of cream (cream).1/2 cup jerez.3 tablespoons of harina.125 g of butter.Salt. Chop the onion into very thin, Peel and chop the carrots and pepper. We smelt 100 gr. of butter in a pan and saute the onion, pepper, carrot and mushrooms, 10 minutes in it. Add the prawns, saute them 5 minutes and reserve some for garnish the dish.

Pour the broth and put to boil, all together, about 15 minutes; We season and spent the whole through the Blender, until a fine cream. Add the Sherry and cook for 5 minutes more. We smelt the apart the rest of the butter in a saucepan, add the flour, stir, pour the cream and it cook everything until it thickens. Mix the cream of shrimp with the puree and heat all together 5 munutes. This step will make the cream thickens, the quantity of flour will be critical to adjust the thickness. We serve the cream into bowls and decorate them with the prawns that we booked. And in this simple way, we will have a delicious cream of shrimp with all the taste sailor who brings the fish stock. You can find the recipe for cream of prawns, and other many recipes of Christmas in our kitchen Cookbook. Original author and source of the article.