This Friday, 7, will be released in Spain the new film by Julio Medem room in Rome that tells a story of two women whose destinies lie in the room of a downtown hotel in Rome. I leave you with the synopsis and the presentation of the film Synopsis: A hotel room in the Centre of Rome is the internal scenario in which two young women who have just met, are hospitalized together in a physical adventure that will play them the soul. Everything takes place in one night and in the early hours of the morning of a day of the beginning of the summer of 2008, until Rome throw every one of them to the place they belong; by the late Alba (Elena Anaya), will fly to Spain, and Natasha (Nathasa Yarovenko) to Russia. The hotel room, which seems to have been always waiting with the excitement of history embedded in their old walls, sugestiona an atmosphere charged with eroticism and sensuality, with a strange force that engages their gazes toward the unknown. Born new feelings that Alba and Natasha they accepted, and at the same time removed importance speaking with ease and good humor. A natural Pact of lightness that fosters so comical as enigmatic situations, before the unexpected attack of a throbbing love like an arrow released from atop. Will for twelve hours, night and day, these two women reveal their lives, first hiding and protecting for fear of attracting non-return, then leaving accompany towards other, unknown landscape inhabited by their commitments and the sincere love towards their respective couples; in the case of Alba, a woman who has two children; and Natasha, his professor of Renaissance that is getting married next week. Original author and source of the article.