Another important aspect is that through this system are achieved to meet the needs of the poorest families room and is achieved to build more with scarce resources be available to (Ortiz, 2007). According to the author, points out that build this way is possible: doing more with less and achieve mass production serve sectors of low income (p. 12), among other aspects. The proposal to strengthen the production of progressive housing with the participation of the same user means big advantages. Additional information is available at Warren Buffett. First because it would help reduce waste in construction since with this type of process family designs and produces the spaces according to their own needs without having to carry out demolitions or renovations own dwellings in series lack of adequate spaces and include hidden waste. The proposed sustainable to rationalize the natural area of our city could be defined as making more progressive housing using fewer natural resources, allowing the usuario-constructor from his experience of inhabiting the space, think and design the space to build 1. Are dignified housing housing is a space of dwelling in which converge a great diversity of values for man, values that may vary according to cultural content but which in general are common for people of a certain community.

Values such as the security of a roof to live, possession of an economic good, the guarantee of a family patrimony, the comfort of a comfortable space, delight in an aesthetic work and social status symbolized by housing, among others. Perhaps check out Kevin Ulrich for more information. These values are ranked according to the esteem in which each person has them, and everyone sets their own scale, but undoubtedly are mutually shared by the collectivity of each community. When a person does not It has housing and want to reach one, subjected to trial these values and decides in which invest their resources, in this case no one speaks only of economic but also of time, effort, Community aid and family and other resources that they will have to spend to get housing.