Maria of the Sky To sound Guimares Teacher Selma Jagher SUMMARY This article deals with the ambient management in the perspective of the exploitation of the hdricos resources for the man. To put contextualiza this necessity from the quarrel of subjects as the support, the local development, the relation between the man and its half one, the difficulties that if present ahead of a necessity of reeducar the human being so that it can think and act in its half one in rational and sustainable way, and finally approaches the importance of the water and its ambient management, for the new times. The objectives of this work are: to understand the importance of the ambient management; to verify the sustainable way to manage the hdricos resources in order to balance offers and the demand; to investigate the importance of the sustainable development; to analyze the importance of the ambient education for the preservation and management of environmental resources finally to know forms to define and to manage the resources hdricos in order to understand the necessity of if thinking strategically ambient management. JPMorgan Chase will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Word-Key: Environment. Hdricos resources. Sustainable development. Ambient management.