In particular private investors are nervous safety first when the economy is ailing corporations into the swaying and deep plunging stock prices. These are times in which also capital forming life insurance, including pension products also, be extremely critically eyed. Right? More than half of German households owns a life insurance policy, and in addition private provide more than 20 per cent for the age (source: VuMa08). Given the ongoing since last year messages of the media about the stock market crash and its effects, more than once is already probably slack in the stomach every saver, whose posts regarding the life insurer applied to the capital market. Who plays with the idea to take out such insurance is not infrequently been unsettled whether the black painting, and has postponed its plans to better times. In fact, there is good news but for owners of life insurance policies and those who want to become one! They feared Losses, simply, want to not make. Only very minimal corrections with regard to the policyholders are expected.

This would have been lower only to 0.08 percent as in the previous year. This is a recent study by the Assekurata rating agency. The reason for this can be seen in the investment strategy. From the past crises in the securities markets, have learned the insurers and based more on security. Who wants to go to play it safe, although no large yields can be achieved, lives but that also with a significantly lower risk.

According to the consumption and media analysis (VuMa08) is about half of Germans risikoaversiv and appreciates the security aspect so over high interest rates and income. Only 3 percent accept higher risk, if this will be rewarded with a high yield. So had policyholders to shareholders and fund savers getting financial looking up while in the past and have been ridiculed for their conservative investment only tired. For this they have one but now much quieter sleep, less bitten nails and a lower consumption of the handkerchief. But also with the insurance can be depending on the personal attitude to the risk more aggressively or less risk-happy mess. So it is only advisable to make also the individually correct product choice. This helps the security check of the, a consumer portal for insurance. Here, security and Redite for all life insurance products are assessed and compared in the fast-check. So anyone who is still undecided, finds the right product. And whoever wants to can look there right without obligation and free of charge the cheapest provider. Robert Jacobi