Samsung vacuum cleaner robot is in the test of Robotersauger.NET with touch Robotsauger.NET 02/2012 of the new species of intelligent household helpers, has the test that examines the robot cleaners. Not long ago would have an independently-working vacuum likely spinning is called pure “science fiction”, today he conquered the market so very gradually. The test was also the Samsung NaviBot SR8895 Silencio. It comes with 3 kg of weight, has a diameter of 35 cm and is only 9 cm high. This may be as the testers have noted that when removing the soil beneath a radiator of a great advantage. It is worth noting that the Samsung model as well as other accessories two virtual walls are supplied.

You can place them freely. Because the robot vacuum cleaner would never go to these virtual walls, can be used as a fence or alternatively these, to provide a certain direction (E.g. doorways) to the cleaner. With 17 of 25 points, the NaviBot on the subject of “Quality” section AB. In doing so, he made a quite high-quality impression with the testers and was also stable and well processed. 37 out of 40 points, the tester of highest scores awarded to the performance and functionality of the Navibot. To broaden your perception, visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage Capital. The mere fact that you can control it using a supplied remote control like a remote control car in manual mode, impressed the testers.

But also the automatic mode, where the cleaner entirely independently moves and it sucks the whole apartment, very well arrived at the testers. The setting of “Point eyes”, in which the NaviBot a terrain of 1, 5 m x 1, 5 m cleans, was considered very positive. It brings the cleaner on a mileage of 90 minutes with a charging time of about 60 minutes. Also in terms of “Intelligence”, the NaviBot with 15 of 20 points to convince fully knew. Also the fact that the NaviBot detects obstacles and (mostly) before that slows down, the testers were especially impressed. Only 8 out of a possible 15 points there in the section “Environment and sustainability”. It weighed particularly hard, that it no Gave information about the production and sustainability. So the tester released the Samsung model with 77 of 100 points and the overall ‘good’ and with the conclusion that the NaviBot to a premium robot vacuum cleaner with a very good price/performance ratio is.