Self management: It manages of a company for the proper workers (or of a team for the proper members compose who it). That is, it is to be a professional person or qualified to decide for itself proper, capable to choose and to carry through action by itself on the basis of its knowledge. Chemical preparation for, when necessary, to be ready to exactly manage itself in the execution of its tasks inside of a work group. Thus, we are speaking of teams with professionals who are apitos to act for itself proper or that they possess abilities capable to co-ordinate its proper action without the intervention, I assist or coordination of third. But, it tries to imagine a team that for some reason any has that to operate without the presence of a leader, if being valid the self management practised for its members, it will be that they would be left well? It sees, below, a great example of self management that answers to this question. During sixty and nine days the eyes of the world had been come back toward Chile, more necessarily for a called mine Are Jose, where thirty and three men had taught to the world an extraordinary lesson of perseverance, union and work in team. The hundreds of meters underneath of the land we were surprised day the day with lies related to the patience, perseverance, faith, self-control, union etc. But one of the lies lived for these men and portraied by one of the survivors takes in them to understand that those men, professionals, had become more than one it has equipped joined, them if they had become an example of auto-gerenciavl team. Showing that the function and the presence of a leader are of great importance for a team, but ahead of certain circumstances, some teams obtain to arrive at the point to produce resulted surprising exactly without it leads them to an individual.