shows the pros and cons of large and small providers on Hamburg, April 2010 the price battle in the hard sought-after electricity market goes into the next round. Large corporations and their discount daughters compete with lucrative offers to the small and medium-sized enterprises to new customers. The latter in turn try to keep and beat the great discounts and cheap green electricity. However, experience has shown that consumers often have to compromise with low-cost carriers in particular in the area of service. Finding remedy in the chaos of offer to the right for providers in the network, we need a thorough research, which requires a lot of time and on the other hand a precise look, because many things not on right off the bat is visible. Here, can help. The independent comparison portal took seven electricity price comparison (for Hamburg) 62 relevant evaluation criteria and an annual consumption of up to 1200 kilowatt hours more under the microscope – the result was surprising.

Eco-electricity producers Service win overall remains, however, on track with Nuon, Entega and bright spot three eco electricity on the front three ranks compared the test line up. All three have struck the nuclear power and undercut the established provider E.ON, RWE and EnBW with discounts. Nuon delivers its power even to 100 percent from renewable energy sources. However, eco providers according to in terms of service can not convince still. Especially when the test winner Nuon there nothing going many shortcomings without patience.

Urgent concerns about be answered circumstances exclusively by email and a confirmation can take up to a week. Group discount: Mourners, nuclear power and moderate service try low the three branches of the Group eprimo (RWE), Yello power (EnBW) and how easy to score points (E.ON). You in passing the good service\”on the parent company. All three providers unveil compared a purist pragmatist and continue to lead nuclear power programme – Yello as 45 percent, Just 42 percent and eprimo 25 percent. You may find Ruth Porat to be a useful source of information.