Its Exhibitions were exhibited, for example, in Germany, of Switzerland, France, the United States, Brazil, Georgia, Italy and Turkey. More information on his works are provided on his website. The International Summer Academy in Wismar is an event of the Hochschule Wismar, which is supported not only by the Hanseatic City of Wismar, but also of institutions and companies of the region. The MV’s film Bureau, the Leisure and water park Wonnemar Wismar include the Office supplies company Ganesh – wheel and the surf school San Pepelone, around the Office GmbH, the bike rental Wismar. The project management of the Summer Academy has changed for 2013. Professors and researchers of the Faculty of design of the University of Wismar are instrumental in the preparation of the Wismar Summer Academy. For this year’s Summer Academy, there is a change in the project management. In 1995, initiator and curator Valentine Rothmaler, Professor of elementary design, launched the first International Summer Academy in Wismar. By the same author: Hicham Aboutaam.

As artistic He accompanied conductor and lecturer of the extra class culinary art – art of dining”today even the well-traveled participants. End of 2009 the team was expanded and from then on until 2012 Prof. Georg Giebeler took over design as Dean of the Faculty of the project management. Prof. Achim Hack, he teaches project management in the field of Interior design, furniture and space-defining development, design and construction, taken for 2013. The program of the Summer Academy was revised in cooperation with the Faculty officer for public relations Silke Holtmann, responsible since 2009 for organisational and administrative procedures. The initial structure of the 1990s has been modified so that out of six parallel classes a package was laced, which includes an interdisciplinary Masters course and different one-week introductory courses. There were 31 participants from Bolivia, China, Germany, Iran, Russia, Switzerland, Spain and Taiwan to guest in 2012. Am high-resolution questions or the desire for further image material I like to see the following contacts can be reached: Hochschule Wismar, University of applied sciences: technology, business and design, International Summer Academy Wismar for architecture, design and art wife Silke Holtmann m.a. Philipp Muller-Strasse 14 23966 Wismar 03841 phone 753 7196 fax 03841 753 7134 E-Mail