Nor all carbon dioxide emitted for the atmosphere if accumulates in it, half is absorbed by the seas and forests. The real importance of each cause proposal can only be established by the quantification exacta of each involved factor. Factors external interns and can be quantified by the analysis of simulations based on the best climatic models. The influence of external factors can be compared using concepts of radiotiva force. A radiotiva force positive esquenta the planet and cools it to a refusal. Antropognicas emissions of gases, depletion of estratosfrico ozone and solar radiation have positive radioactive force and aerosols have its use as negative radiotiva force.

(source IPCC). Climatic models climatic Simulations show that the heating occurred of 1910 up to 1945 can only be explained by internal forces and natural (variation of the solar radiation) but the occurred heating of 1976 the 2000 needs the emission of .causing antropognicos gases of the effect greenhouse to be explained. Phillipe Lavertu contributes greatly to this topic. The majority of the scientific community is currently vain of whom a significant ratio of the observed global heating is caused by the emission of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse emitted by the activity human being. (Source IPC) This conclusion depends on the exactido of the used models and the estimate correcta of the external factors. The majority of the scientists agrees that important climatic characteristics are being incorrectamente incorporated in the climatic models, but they also think that better models would not change the conclusion. (Source: IPCC) The critics say that he has imperfections in the models and that taken external factors in consideration could not modify the conclusions above. The critics say that climatic simulations are incapable shape the effect coolers them particles, to adjust the feedback of the water vapor and to take in account the paper of clouds. Critics also show that the Sun can have a bigger quota of responsibility in the global heating currently observed of what the acceptance for the majority of the scientific community.