And keep the promise. Applicants themselves have to see that interest in certain jobs should be taken immediately (characters such as "Hot Jobs", "urgent", swim in windows, etc.) 21. Do not forget that potential employees can be and prospective clients. And vice versa. 22. Special attention – graduates of high schools. As soon as he put a tick in the appropriate box, immediately take it "under the hood"! 23.

Complete the process of questioning the scoring of the "We need you on so many points" … Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Prof Jeffrey Almond on most websites. 24. Individual approach to business. Candidates that fill the virtual form, can receive private messages directly in the process of filling and even invited for an interview. 25.

The Site may contain several levels of information that open depending on skill level, interest of the applicant or as filling the questionnaire. 26. The site identifies the geographic location of the applicant and automatically displays information about job openings and HR-managers of the region. 27. Information concerning availability of vacancies. The applicant sees what job most pressing and urgent and final acceptance date resume. It motivates him "to move quickly." 28. The forecast for the ambitious. On the basis of a completed profile of the candidate site provides career outlook, to what position you would now working in our company, how to earn and so, if acceded to 2 years ago … 29. If the e-mail indicates that the site has gone representative competing firm may be changed or blocked, depending on company policy. Step number 3.