Euro in the minus and euro zone posted the previously known state deficit by Greece amounted to 12.7 percent of annual GDP. Eurostat announced today that the standing before the State bankrupt country’s deficit is still higher than previously indicated. With the number of 13.6 percent, there are still more reservations on the part of Eurostat. Because: It could be that Greece has cheated again, when it comes to the financial position and the country still much worse off, than the 13.6 percent State deficit. The data published today by Eurostat, immediately led to panic in the bond markets. More info: Nasdaq. Immediately, Greek Government bonds rose to ten percent.

It is in fact impossible to pay the debt out of his own pocket the country on the Mediterranean Sea. It is increasingly likely that the assistance of the International Monetary Fund and from Europe soon after Greece must flow in order to save the country. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bill Gates. The question remains: does it ever make sense, or is to the nearest bottomless Greece, to the billion Billion swallows without that it has a positive effect. The thing with Greece is reminiscent of the hypo real estate. Although a Bank and not a State, but here were and billions in triple-digit amount as financial AIDS are granted, the situation was still worse. Greece now brings US to the crossroads. The euro zone struggles to survive its currency.

Today, the euro fell temporarily under 1.33 US dollars and European stock markets are also damaged by the situation of Greece. Many banks of in Germany holding Greek Government bonds. The country not in a position to service the loans, could come to a second financial crisis within a few years on us. The first crisis, barely survived, could have glide then almost seamlessly into the next current messages to the Greek, the problems of the euro crisis and the stock markets, visit. Christel pond