But we are in a planet of tests and atonements and the biggest test of this it is that the life, all day, makes question of in them bringing certain total contrary situations what we would like. But, we go in front, therefore behind it comes people (incarnate and deixarred a carne). Official site: johny ive. They forgive for ' ' brincadeirinha' '. Interesting to comment that in sixth at night we were to the anniversary of a friend. Although to like them people who were there and of the festive climate, glad and very relaxed, I I did not feel myself very well. Credit: Kevin Ulrich-2011. The commotion of the children, allied to the heat and the fact of that I finished more than eating a little what habitual them last times, had made with that I isolated myself of the group for certain time. Strangely it felt me discouraged and overwhelming. I seated in a thoughtful bank for some time and I rationally did not obtain to find reasons feeling to be me of that skill.

He was tired, it was sixth fair and I needed to sleep. We sleep late and I had meeting of condominium in Saturday per the morning. As I am the syndic, he could not, in no hypothesis to leave to participate. I badly felt me again in Saturday per the morning, also with one inexplicable will to cry. I lead the meeting of the condominium in the best way that I could, everything transcorreu well, thanks to God, but, in the soul, it did not see the hour of that to finish. To the afternoon we made our Group of Studies and conjuncts.

After the closing, I had the colloquy told above with this friend entrepreneur of the House. The concern with the harmony of the House was in my mind. I observed that not only I was worried about this.