When inserting the Palisades are hardly any limits of creativity, except possibly the boundaries of the patch itself. Palisades not remind of about on the history. But which used against enemy warriors was isolated themselves, which today serves to garden design. Lawns and flower beds can with the rich, shapely Palisades on lotex24.net fit rim or edge. Very discreetly, even smaller height differences can be bridged. So that the lawn or the beds so quickly no longer overflow their banks, the listed Stockade made of polystyrene. This polymer material stands out for its extraordinary life.

While wood fast fault and stone falls the weather to the victims, polypropylene are Palisades resistant to winter weather, shocks, as well as against UV – radiation. The virtually indestructible resin will remain long the gardener. When inserting the Palisades are hardly any limits of creativity, except possibly the boundaries of the patch itself. No difficulty making straight lines, curves, and individual forms. Of course that is not limited to beds. Just as easily serve Palisades to the gradation of terraces. Furthermore the Palisades to do here even visually, and while it’s up above all the other design of the garden.

And here not to disappoint the flexible polypropylene, but shows up in many forms, such as colors. An unobtrusive gray, which makes a very solid impression as concrete suitable possibly for vegetable patches. On the other hand are also shades of Brown in the offer. An earthy Brown creates a great contrast with the outline of a colourful flower bed. Sound is very popular since time immemorial been the warm terracotta. These Palisades are Asian or Mediterranean-style gardens, a real eye-catcher. For concrete Palisades famously small ditches must be dug what a right is time-consuming work. Inserting the Stockade by lotex24 is a piece of cake. Single piles with some pressure, are at best with a small rubber Mallet, in the ground plugged. The exact depth is shown on the piles. Who wants to make sure that the Palisades later really are, can span a line in advance as an orientation aid. The posts, which are associated with the cons raking system into the ground are particularly stable. Here, a single pole mimics 35 Palisades depending on the product. The single piles for the bed surround are put it together. Result: A not only solid, but also quick installation. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer web: shop: